The creation of your Signature Song

  1. Liz and VerDarLuz will personally consult with you to determine your unique content, to capture the essence of your brand and the core of your marketing message as we breathe life into the voice of your company or conference event. Together, we will create a piece specific to your seminar or corporate environment which will connect emotionally with your audience.
  2. Liz and Ver will get to work creating the melody & lyrics for your piece. Halfway through the creation we will contact you with a rough draft of the song. Listen, review the lyrics, and then reflect back to us any feedback or changes you may want to implement.  After your review and approval, the next step will be taken.
  3. We will polish your unique company song and complete the track with editing, mixing, and mastering the recording.
  4. Once completed, we will send you an MP3 version of your song, the master CD, and song lyrics. If you’re interested in a special touch, we can even create a music industry custom song plaque, along with the lyrics forever engraved on it to solidify the message for your corporate team.
  5. Want to make this experience even more personal?! Imagine the impact as both Liz & VerDarLuz unveil your song LIVE at your exclusive event in front of your entire audience!
  6. Your song will be the talk of the event! Everyone will be jamming out together, emotionally invested in YOUR COMPANY’S MESSAGE with bright beaming smiles on their faces, empowered to take action and embrace success.

Stand apart from the crowd and do something different this year, something that is truly one of a kind, just as unique as your brand’s message and your company’s purpose. This is more than just a song. This is an unforgettable experience that you and your audience will remember for years to come.

To ensure the highest and deepest quality provided, VerDarLuz and Liz accept a limited number of clients per year; so reserve your song well in advance of a live event,

For any questions and to discuss your vision and budget to create this unforgettable moment, please fill out the following Contact Form.

To order your SIGNATURE BRAND SONG please fill out the CONTACT FORM