What is the EXPERIENCE of VerDarLuz’ Keynote Concerts like?


With the exotic flavors and sultry spice of his Turkish folk guitar and the otherworldly serenades of his Spanish Classical Guitar, VerDarLuz transports audiences through stories of triumph amidst tribulation. Weaving tales and lessons from his travels, teachings, and performances in over 35 countries, his voice allows the heart to soar as he weaves native chanting, English, and Spanish lyrics into an inspiring, emotional, and timeless experience.

In The Inner Voice, gentle notes morph into a sirensong of pulsing energy in the personal story of giving up a college scholarship to follow a calling to discover a brave new world, to learn from his own direct experience, and to trust the Great Mystery.

The song shifts from a healing lullaby to a prying open of the heart into new frontiers, inciting the fearless pioneer in all of us.

The Lesson?

Befriend unpredictability as an invitation to catalyze personal growth – there is a grander design, a larger order, and we must prepare ourselves to respond to it with courage and with grace.

Then, the audience is stunned with The Breath of Rebirth, as VerDarLuz guides listener into his near-death experience—the harrowing story of his lung collapse at the tender age of 17, of that moment when he felt his young life was over even before it had begun, and how so much love was showered on him, even as he knocked on death’s door, confused and uncertain.

The Lesson?

The propulsive chords compel the audience to use the promise of impermanence to motivate our ambitions, to seize every opportunity and every breath as if it was our last.  And to respect the power of harmonizing with the natural cycles, the inbreath and outbreath of life, in order to become the master navigator of change, which is the instrument to catalyze all growth.

In his song Rebel Poet, VerDarLuz shares the struggle and devotion of a refugee Tibetan poet he taught English to in the mountains of Northern India. Bells clanging, foot stomping, VerDarLuz rouses the audience into a rhythmic clapping as he communicates the power to persevere through any oppression, to resist complacency, and to transcend any limitation, in the name of freedom and the unstoppable force of creativity.  The audience has risen to their feet, empowered to tackle their next challenge with radiant confidence and surrender into the success that awaits.

Below is a list of TOPICS that VerDarLuz  customizes for company and academic events:

  • Dissolving limiting beliefs, fears, and hesitation in order to Seize the Present Opportunity
  • The Traveler’s Instinct: Cultivating intuition and following the wisdom of the Inner Voice
  • Living your Highest Potential: Cultivating employees’ natural strengths to maximize productivity
  • Transforming your Wound into your Highest Service
  • How to stop forcing, but instead surrender into your innate success
  • Every experience is your Teacher, every person a Messenger
  • From dissonance to harmony: embracing change, evolving communication
  • Avoiding delay and distraction, Harnessing sublime focus and radiant confidence
  • The Wisdom of Risk-taking – transforming “work” into a mission of passion

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“VerDarLuz is a blessing to any community that is lucky enough to share time with him. The polyrhythmic layers and passion he brings to both his guitar and DJ offerings is matched in his speaking, his astrological readings, and his life coaching. The positive, synergistic effect he has on the communities he serves fosters emotional transformation through direct transmission, leaving audiences empowered and inspired. In Denver we are blessed a thousand-fold for the many ways he shows up in dedication to local and global evolution.”

Ahva Lenay, Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance Ritual Midwife ARISE Music Festival Coordinator