Songs composed by VerDarLuz

How the composition of your love song begins: 

  1. VerDarLuz and Liz will personally consult with you. Together we will explore the heart & soul of your love song. What sort of feeling, energy, and story reflect the nature of the love you share together? This is a fun process where you can share all the special qualities and playful eccentricities that make your love shine.
  2. You will be able to choose if you want just female vocals, a combination of both Liz and Ver’s voice, chanting, lyrics in English and Spanish, or even a completely instrumental track. The options allow for a truly unique and customizable experience unlike any other.
  3. Next, as a trusted Relationship Coach and gifted Astrologer, VerDarLuz along with his partner Liz, a Spiritual and Energetic Intuitive, will combine their unique talents to further unveil your unique narrative and soul contract together, to translate into song how your love is truly written in the stars
  4. Liz & Ver will then get to work creating the melody and lyrics for your piece. Halfway through the creation, we will contact you with a rough draft of the song. Listen, review the lyrics and feel free to express any changes to the overall feel, the lyrics, or the vocals. After your review and approval, the next step will be taken.
  5. We will complete your custom love song as we edit, mix, and master the recording.
  6. We will personally gift wrap your hard copy CD & lyric sheet. And as a special touch, we can add a custom song plaque, along with the lyrics engraved, so this moment will forever be preserved. An MP3 of the song will also be provided so this legacy can be shared from the heart easily to all your friends and family.
  7. But why stop there?! Liz & Ver would be honored to share this moment with you LIVE at your exclusive event: your unforgettable wedding day, your most memorable anniversary, or a treasured birthday celebration. Whether for simply the two of you, or in front of your many loved ones, your story and this sacred moment will remain like a precious gift in the memory of all.

Now if you are getting married, just remember that even though the cake will be long gone and your beautiful dress worn only once, your very own Custom Love Song can be savored over and over again. It will remain forever as an inspiring reminder to you both of your union and your love. And the live performance from VerDarLuz and Liz will be a treasured memory in the hearts of all who witness. Expect lots of joyful tears in this unforgettable moment.

Each time you listen to your custom song, the devotion of love will magnify between the two of you, reigniting the flame of the first time you met and the spark that keeps the romance and appreciation of each other alive.

**To ensure the highest quality of your love song, Liz & VerDarLuz devote themselves deeply to its creation, and thus accept only a limited number of clients per year; so reserve your song well in advance of your wedding or other celebration. For any questions or if you’re simply ready to purchase this unforgettable moment.

In addition to your Custom Love Song, VerDarLuz and Liz offer many exclusive services for engaged and married couples.  These include specialized astrological consultations helping you determine the best dates and times for your marriage, the ideal honeymoon locations for each of you, and pre and post-wedding coaching, so check out the additional offerings you can add to your order below.

Many blessings


$3500 – Writing and Recording of your Custom Song

$675/mo. 6 month Payment Plan


VerDarLuz and Liz’s LIVE performance of the song at your event ($1297). If necessary, air fare & hotel paid separately (to be discussed).

Your CD & song lyrics forever engraved in an exclusive music industry plaque ($497)

Custom music video with your personal pictures/videos integrated ($650)


As an Astrologer and Relationship Coach since 2004, VerDarLuz offers exclusive upgrades to your custom song that will bring even more confidence to planning your big day and celebrating your union in the months and years to come.

Embracing the Beloved – 2 hour Coaching Consultation (Pre-Wedding – $475)

Weddings can be incredibly stressful for both couples. This is time when the engaged need help to manage their time and energy, as well as to learn the best strategies to support each other for an enduring, blissful union.

In this coaching session, you will be guided in relationship coaching with the assistance of two profound systems both modern and ancient, Human Design and Astrology. You will learn to u

  •    Understand your version of the Divine Masculine and Feminine
  •    Explore you and your partner’s core relationship intentions
  •    Learn essential keys to emotional nurturance and healthy communication
  •    Learn how to communicate your needs in a healthy way when feeling triggered
  •    Acknowledge areas of both friction and flow and how to bring grace and ease in all situations.
  •    Explore forecasting both individual personal cycles and composite cycles to know what’s on the horizon for each of you.

The Best Date for your Wedding – Astrology Consultation ($475)

The oldest form of Astrology involves choosing the most ideal Date and Time for an event. When a couple celebrates their most important day together, we seek the planets and stars above to speak a certain story that will support an enduring and blissful connection. With this session, you tell VerDarLuz your top 3 priorities in your union together, such as children or travel or creating a business together. You give him as many options for wedding dates as you can.  We put your intentions together with the wedding date options and then VerDarLuz will work his astrological magic to find the most Auspicious Date and Time for your wedding ceremony.

Your Perfect Honeymoon: Locational Astrology Consultation ($475)

Discover the absolute best places to travel for your honeymoon to begin your marriage on solid round and with joy in your hearts. This cutting edge aspect of astrology, called Astro-Locality, assists couples in discovering their Optimum Honeymoon energy lines on the planet—the places where each person will feel most peaceful, passionate, and playful. We carefully analyze 3-4 locations you are considering and what energetic influences are there for each person as well as the best time to go to the location. We also discuss places that may cause conflict, stress, or headache, places you may want to avoid. Learn more about this sophisticated and insightful study here as we discuss Brad Pitt’s Astro-Locality lines.

Cultivate Longevity and Enlightened Sexuality (Post-Wedding Consultation – $475)

  • Keys for a graceful transition from an engaged couple to a married couple.
  • How to create a supportive “couple bubble”
  • Explore ways to create Sacred Time together.
  • Learn the 5 Love Languages and which will help you and your beloved feel truly nourished.
  • Discover Sacred Intimacy practices, both ancient and modern, for deeper bonding and enhanced pleasure.
  • You will learn exciting practices and erotic play also tailored to your unique birth chart desires to support your partner’s version of the divine masculine and feminine.

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